Conferences and training


Compact training module, ideal for starting out

Level I - Basics

This module allows you to acquire the basic tools to research in the field of health and medicine: learn how to identify backgrounds, assimilate the fundamental principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), double-check health experts background.


The “pro” module for in-depth investigation

Level II - Advanced

The “pro” module provides keys for investigating the work of regulatory authorities, medical societies and journals: assessment of clinical trials, levels of evidence, access to regulatory approval applications, research methods and introduction to info-mapping.

Case Studies

The intensive module based on Re-Check's case studies

Level III - Case Studies

With this module, you can benefit directly from our teaching and research.
Complete immersion into real-life, in-depth investigations, using all of the tools acquired in levels I and II.
Our Consulting page lists the available case study topics.


A customized module suited to your needs


Are you conducting a long-term investigation and wish to check the details with us? Do you wish an intensive and targeted training? Or you would like to train your team to ensure that they carry out your research properly? This customized module makes anything possible.

Discover the Re-Check method

Our modules are for journalists, consumer protection organizations’ representatives and interested public

The teaching style is tailored to the needs of each student





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