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Our work with Re-Check is pro bono.

We only receive honoraria when we give lectures and courses, or for ad hoc mandates, such as the manual “Investigating Health & Medicine”, commissioned by the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

To learn more about our activities, you can refer to this page where our publications and interventions (courses, conferences, panels, symposiums, congresses) are listed. On the Info-stream page, you’ll find news, analyses and commentaries.

On this page, you will find a more detailed description of some of our projects.

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Our Ethical Charter details our donation policy (online | as a PDF)

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Our Principles

ReCheck does not accept any kind of funding, direct or indirect, by corporations, organisations and individuals that pursue an agenda in the field of health and medicine.

We do not accept advertising on our website.

We commit to transparently declare any conflict of interest we might have regarding a specific project or publication.

Donations above 1’500 Swiss Francs will be declared in our endofthe year financial statement that will be published onour website.

We reserve the right to refuse and/or wire back any donations received through PayPal, without having to offer explanations as why so.

Donations will be used to:

  • maintain ReCheck website;
  • pay for costs related to ReCheck activities, the like of: travel costs, stationary, marketing material (i.e. stickers, flyers), IT (hardware, software licenses, domain registration fees);
  • fees for research, graphic design, mapping technical support, and other works necessary for ReCheck productions.

All costs and fees distributed that amount to more than 500 Swiss Francs will be declared in our endofthe year financial statement.

Our complete Ethical Charter (online | as a PDF)