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Re-Check has been regularly contacted by people who want to share confidential information in the field of medicine and public health, but are concerned about how to do this securely.
So, we implemented on Re-Check website a secure platform in partnership with GlobaLeaks to help those to want to share information with us in a confidential, anonymous and secure manner.

What kind of reports you can file

We believe in transparency and understand investigative journalism as a watchdog of democracy and as a work in the public interest.
There are cases where only the courage of whistleblowers can expose wrongdoing among politicians, institutions or corporations or the hiding of crucial information to the public.
We encourage you to read attentively the content of this page before submitting.

To ensure you are adequately protected, please click on the following questions to learn more

If you are identified as having disclosed the leaked information, you may face civil or criminal legal action and/or experience detrimental treatment, including dismissal by your employer as a result. Re-Check understands that the protection of your identity is therefore of paramount importance, and whilst there are always some risks involved, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks, including:

  • Using a secure browser, such as TOR Browser;
  • Only using our secure messaging service to contact us;
  • Using a personal or public computer and NOT a work computer;
  • Not discussing your intention to leak information with anyone else;
  • Not discussing information you have submitted to us with anyone else;
  • Considering whether you can be identified by the information you are supplying.

If you would like independent advice, you can talk to whistleblowing help organisations about the potential legal implications of your disclosure. A list provided by Fishyleaks can be a good place to start.

Sending your report to Re-Check can be done in three ways:

  • Confidential: You decide to identify yourself, by providing your name and contact details; the content of your report cannot be traced or accessed by third parties.
  • Anonymous: You prefer to not be identified, but can dialogue anonymously with us.
  • Maximum security: The report is made via the Tor browser. This mode makes both the signal and the source untraceable and provides the informant the opportunity to dialogue with us both confidentially and anonymously.

There are a number of steps we have taken in order to minimize the risks to those who wish to send us a report:

  • We have partnered with GlobaLeaks (https://www.globaleaks.org/), an open source online platform to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives – when you submit your report, it will be sent using this service;
  • We will keep your identity confidential;
  • We will anonymise the information you provide us with in any reports in which it is used;
  • We offer a secure messaging system to maintain contact.

Once the submission is performed on a GlobaLeaks platform, the data is encrypted using PGP and the system automatically notifies Re-Check. GlobaLeaks platforms do not store anything permanently and the submitted information and files are deleted as soon as possible with a strict data retention policy. (here and here)

Submitted information will be processed and analyzed by journalists registered with the Swiss Professional Register (PR), who thus apply to their work journalistic ethics (Declaration of the Duties and Rights of the Journalist). The provisions of the Code of ethics in journalism will be the basis to determine whether or not the information will be published and if so, in what form. Information will be accordingly disseminated in an ethical and not uncontrolled manner.

To submit confidential information, please click here

Are there alternatives ways to get in touch with Re-Check?

You can contact us with an encrypted email (PGP / GPG).
Our GPG key is available on key servers, bond to presence[at]re-check.ch
This is our GPG key Fingerprint: please click here.

You can use our snail post address:
Re-Check, Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 28, 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland