Re-Check joined the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2019 (GIJC19) that took place 25-29 September 2019 in Hamburg (D) with two presentations by Serena Tinari: an half-day workshop organized by CFI, the French media development agency, and the panel Investigating Health and Medicine – Tips & Techniques (1). At GIJC19 Serena contributed also to the “Documentaries Track” with the panels How to Finance Your Investigative Documentary, Pitching Your Documentary Idea and the coaching session Meet the Mentor.

At the GIJC19 conference, Serena Tinari was also interviewed by Health Analytics Asia correspondent on Re-Check work, ethics and standards. A conversation that became a long interview published (in English) on the website of Health Analytics Asia, a flagship project of the Indian digital media company DataLEADS, which aims at data-driven storytelling and support watchdog journalism, media research and innovations through reporting, training and media development initiatives.

Serena’s interview focused on Re-Check work at the crossroads between investigative journalism and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), and the methods and standards we use to investigate and map health affairs. Also, the Health Analytics Asia features topics and issues that are central to all our activities, from research to training, like the mapping of conflicts of interest, and points at worrying though common phenomena like the use of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to influence medical guidelines and built a faulty narrative, and the impact of overdiagnosis on the global health system.

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