Snoop in the backstage of public health affairs and issues

Re-Check is a nonprofit organization specialized in investigating and mapping health affairs. We dig deeper and share our methods through conferences, workshops and trainings. Follow Re-Check’s info-stream channel.

Re-Check has implemented the open-source software GlobaLeaks, developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. GlobaLeaks allows whistleblowers to report confidential information anonymously.

Re-Check means looking behind the scene, assessing the evidence, and digging deeper in the key players’ strategies.

At the crossroads between Evidence-Based Medicine and investigative journalism

Re-Check, why?


Information on health care bears major deficits. Conflicts of interest, unverified assertions and copy paste journalism.

Re-Check publishes only evidence-based information.


Health systems are burdened by dependencies, colossal financial stakes, and flawed by a lack of scientific rigor.

Re-Check investigates and maps health care and medicine to provide a wider and more accurate perspective.



Re-Check is in-depth research into health and medicine. We evaluate the evidence, uncover conflicts of interest, and analyze risks and benefits.

We stick to the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).


Re-Check maps health affairs as they take place and connects the dots between players, interests and regulations. Our maps allow for power dynamics and networks of influence to be grasped at a glance. Example: maps we presented at the Preventing Diagnosis Conference PODC 2018

We are two experienced investigative journalists that specialize in investigating health and medicine
We adhere to Evidence-Based medicine Medicine (EBM) principles and we rely on an international network of specialists
We are the authors of the GIJN Guide “Investigating Health & Medicine” launched in November 2020 and we are members of The Lown List of Independent Health Experts’s coordinating panel

Catherine Riva
Catherine Riva
Catherine is specialized in public health and pharmaceuticals, with emphasis on market approval, conflicts of interest, design and methodology of clinical trials. She gives various trainings at the University of Geneva as well as in newsrooms and at conferences, in Switzerland and abroad.

She co-signed with Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa “La piqûre de trop” (“An Injection Too Many?”- Xenia 2010), an investigative book on the controversies related to HPV vaccination.

Her research on conflicts of interest around breast cancer screening programs earned her the 2014 Media Award of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (Medicine); in 2016, she won with the Prix Nicolas Bouvier (Prix spécial du jury) for her investigation on the Mediator case. She published several contributions in medical journals (BMJ-EBM, JoSPI, The Lancet).


Serena Tinari
Serena Tinari
Serena has realized dozens of investigative documentaries for Swiss Television (RSI, RTS, SRF). Her focus is the in-depth coverage of controversial issues and thorny public health affairs.

In 2010, Serena co-signed “The Tamiflu Saga – a Pandemic Business”. This international documentary won the jury prize at the Daniel Pearl Awards and was a finalist at the IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) Gold Medal awards.

Serena is an advisor for Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) and She is a member of ICIJ (International Consortium for Investigative Journalism).

She is a speaker at the Global Investigative Journalism Network conferences and gives trainings on methods, standards and with Re-Check.


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