Snoop in the backstage of public health affairs and issues

Re-Check is a nonprofit organization specialized in investigating and mapping current health affairs. Based on our investigations we offer tailored trainings.

Re-Check, provides glances behind the health care scene, unlocking exclusive information and essential analyses on Re-Check’s info-stream channel.

The crossroads between Evidence-based medicine and investigation

Re-Check, why?


Undeclared conflicts of interest and unverified assertions: the way information on health issues are disclosed shows major deficits.

Re-Check conducts independent investigations and transmits only evidence-based information.


Health systems are burdened by dependencies, colossal financial stakes, dysfunctions and lack of scientific rigor.

Re-Check investigates and maps current health news to provide accurate perspectives.



Re-Check provides in-depth research into health, medicine and prevention. We are evaluating available evidence, uncovering conflicts of interest or analyzing benefits and risks. We do it in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM).


Re-Check maps the topography of health affairs as they take place, in terms of players, interests and regulations.

Our diagrams allow for dependencies, power dynamics and networks of influence to be grasped at a glance.

We are two experienced journalists specialized in investigating health-related topics
We adhere to Evidence-based medicine (EBM) principles and we rely on an international network of specialists

Catherine Riva
Catherine Riva
Catherine is specialized in public health and pharmaceuticals, with particular emphasis on market approval (MA), conflicts of interest, Evidence-based medicine (EBM), design and methodology of clinical trials.

As such, she gives various training courses at the University of Geneva, the Swiss Association of Scientific Journalism and the Swiss Network of Investigative Journalists.

In 2010, Catherine co-signed “La piqûre de trop” (“An Injection Too Many?”- Xenia 2010) with Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa, a book on the controversies related to HPV vaccination. Her research on conflicts of interest in breast cancer screening earned her the Media Award of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (Medicine) in 2014.


Serena Tinari
Serena Tinari
Serena has made dozens of international feature length films. Her focus is the in-depth coverage of controversial issues and thorny public health affairs.

In 2010, Serena co-signed “The Tamiflu Saga – a Pandemic Business”. This 52-minute international documentary won the jury prize at the Daniel Pearl Awards and was a finalist at the IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) awards.

Serena is an advisor at the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) and She is a member of the ICIJ (International Consortium for Investigative Journalism) and serves on the Board of, the Swiss Network of Investigative Journalists.


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