What are the principles behind Re-Check’s work? What can you expect from our reporting, in what kind of projects will you find our label and what about the money?

Discover on our website our freshly published Ethical Charter. From fairness to corrections, from handling sources to publication and social media policies, Re-Check’s Charter contains the very pillars of our ethics and standards.

Also, dive into the bios of Re-Check’s newly appointed International Advisory Board members. Nine individuals that do advise us pro bono and that represent in many ways who we are and what we do. People with spine and no conflicts of interest in the field of health and medicine, our advisors fight for the right of people to know the truth and to not be misled or manipulated. From investigative journalism to academia to patients’ safety advocacy, they are based in many different countries and their past and present activities are made out of many amazing stories and essential values that reflect Re-Check’s mission.