Do not miss Wednesday, October 18, 2017 the broadcast in French on RTS (the program is “36,9”) of Serena Tinari’s investigative report about a case involving isotretinoin (*).

Serena Tinari’s stunning story was first broadcasted in Italian on RSI channel in February 2017. It reveals a tragic affair: the birth in Switzerland of a girl with severe malformations, a victim of the teratogenic effect of isotretinoin (*) that her mother had been prescribed to treat her acne.

How could such a case have occurred despite the strict safety recommendations for the prescription of this drug to women? The health system has failed at all levels.

The adverse effects of this powerful anti-acne drug are one of Re-Check’s areas of expertise.

(*) (Roaccutane® and generics – Curakne®, Tretinac®, etc.)